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Looking for  a better High Speed  or fibre based Internet service ? Find the right connection with Avega.

As a  leading Alliance partner, Avega is proud to offer  a wide range of  Allstream Business Internet  Service options to meet the specific bandwidth requirements and budget of your business. Today’s businesses depend on reliable Business Internet Services to conduct business every day. Any Internet downtime can lead to a loss of productivity and revenue for your business.

Allstream’s  secure  Business Internet services provide your with the performance required to support all of your critical online tasks, including VPN’s cloud computing, IP telephony and key internet-based communication tools.

Avega’s offers a wide range of Business Internet Services to meet your needs, including:

All of our high-speed Business Internet Services are reliable, scalable and provide exceptional value.

Not sure which Business Internet Service is right for your business?

Let one of our experienced advisors assess your needs and suggest the right solution for you.


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Our triple guarantee: Performance, Service and Price