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Web Conferencing

Take your virtual meetings or presentations to the next level.  Our Web Conferencing Solutions allow you to meet and see team members, customers or prospects in remote locations in your own online meeting room without ever leaving your office.


Our reliable and secure Web Conferencing services allow you to present PowerPoint slides, share desktop applications, quiz and survey participants and show web sites — all with the same impact as in-person meetings. The best part is you get all of these features in a user-friendly system that you don’t have to develop or maintain.


With our range of Web Conferencing services, we have the right solution for your business.  Our Web Conferencing services are perfect for simple web meetings, eLearning programs, webinars, or any other application your business needs.

With Web Conferencing you can:

  • Do live demonstrations of software including billing systems, invoices and customer management tools for customers and employees
  • Record your presentations and save them to a resource library or for guests who could not attend
  • Enhance collaboration with online white boards
  • Make your presentations interactive by drawing and highlighting information
  • Provide remote tech support by passing control of the web conference to another participant and allowing them to share their applications and desktop with others

We are proud to partner with industry leading providers including IBM, GlobalMeet, WebEx, Adobe Connect and Microsoft to offer you top quality Web Conferencing options.

To speak to one of our Conferencing Specialists, please contact us at sales@avega.ca or for more details visit www.JoinMyMeeting.ca.