Business Internet

Business Internet

Information is critical. Sometimes it needs to be shared – but only with the right people. Your business also needs access to the outside business world and resources through reliable internet connections. By leveraging a

full suite of Internet services available through Allstream and our other first tier Telecom partners, Avega can find you the right service to best access and share data between your people, resources and locations.

High Speed DSL

ADSL Internet provides low cost, high bandwidth access to ensure consistent communication with partners, suppliers and most importantly, customers. We harness our partnerships to deliver a choice of ADSL options to suit your business requirements and budget– gaining enough power to support basic Internet functions like e-mail and browsing without the complexity required by sophisticated Internet applications.

T1 Internet Access

If you need to connect your Local Area Network to the Internet, T1 Internet provides the perfect combination of speed and reliability. Offered as fractional, full or 3Mbps dual T1, you can connect your employees for e-mail and browsing or connect corporate mail and Web servers to the Internet. This highly reliable solution provides you with the bandwidth you need to run mission-critical Internet applications in-house.

Ethernet Internet

Ethernet Internet enables you to support business-critical, bandwidth intensive applications driving key functions including customer care, process efficiency and partner collaboration. Depending on your budget, you can choose between fixed rate and usage-based options. If you need to anticipate costs and require a high, sustained rate of data transfer per month, then fixed rate ( from 3-1000 Mbps) is the right option for you. If your usage fluctuates, then choosing usage-based allows you to be charged according to actual usage on a monthly basis. With E10, E100 and GigE Internet, you can access the bandwidth you need while managing costs.

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