Top 5 hilarious business internet memes.

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Nothing quite beats the 3:30pm blues like reading online comics, browsing image boards and forwarding photos of cats with abnormally elongated torsos. But is there anything a business person can benefit from all this tomfoolery? Yes, because laughter is the best medicine.

Take a minute to laugh a little with the top five memes for business people:

1. Why working from home is both awesome and horrible.

This chillingly accurate comic portrayal by The Oatmeal hit the web in late 2010, and spread through the business social media community like wildfire. With over 90,000 Facebook likes, I’d be surprised if you haven’t read this one already. Click here for the full comic.

2. Forever alone guy.

Another jab at the self-employed person who works from his or her couch, Forever Alone guy is someone you might be able to relate to. His tears are so blue, yet his loneliness somehow makes us feel less alone. For his history and a plethora of forever alone videos and quips, click here.

3. The Rickroll.

A classic bait and switch trick. To “Rickroll” someone, send an email saying, “Here’s that link to the informative article we were talking about”. But instead of the article, the shortened link you send takes your friend to the 1987 Rick Astley video “Never Gonna Give You Up”. The song will be stuck in their head for weeks.

4. Charlie Sheen.

How could I leave out the most widespread meme of 2011? From a business standpoint, Charlie Sheen’s Tiger Blood rant, if not purely entertaining, is chock full of guerilla marketing inspiration. Getting the attention of the entire world through a wild publicity stunt might be a tad risky for your mom and pop shop, but it’ll certainly get you thinking outside of the box. Instead of the same old direct mail campaign, why not try a contest using QR codes as your own version of “roll up the rim to win”?

5. Serious Business.

Ever wish you had a way to poke fun at someone who is taking things just a little too seriously? Send them an image from the “Serious Business” collection. With a variety of silly graphics, this meme will help you to sarcastically, yet gently mock their serious tone.

Have a favourite meme that makes your day go by quick? Feel free to share it in the comments.

Image by Know Your Meme.