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Why deal with Avega rather than the providers?

Avega eliminates the need of having to deal with the big guys in business technology and Telecom who aren't equipped to manage small to medium sized businesses and often force you to deal with call centers and an ever evolving list of sales reps. We provide a personal touch with your own dedicated account management, and we act as your advocates with fast and responsive customer care.

Are there any disadvantages to dealing with Avega?

With the same pricing, billing, quality, and services, with added ongoing support and customer advocacy, there are no disadvantages to dealing with Avega. We aren't compensated through our customers; rather, by our providers. You pay the same, you get more.

Is Avega an Allstream reseller?

Avega isn't an Allstream reseller. We're an Allstream Alliance Platinum Partner and are considered a part of Allstream's Sales and Account Management team.

How do you know what my company needs?

Avega brings over 30 years of experience in the industry to every account we're a part of. We're also rooted in the sales process and customer service, we understand the ins-and-outs. Through a free assessment we provide our recommendations based upon on our own experience and knowledge. Avega seeks to build long-term relationships wit our clients, so we sell you what you need, not what we have; we're in it together.

Why should I pay more for Fiber Internet?

Fiber is the new best thing in the technology world that every business is getting on board. It's crucial for organizations with mission-critical applications and high bandwidth intensive operations. It's scalable to your bandwidth requirements, has the highest reliability across Internet services, and provides the most stable connection. Read more about our Fiber Internet services.

Does my business actually need Fibre?

What it really comes down to is bandwidth, if Avega can provide you the same bandwidth and reliability your business desires across copper wires, your business may not need Fiber Internet services. Contact us for an assessment and we can help you find out if your business should take the step towards Fiber or not.

Why should I move to the cloud?

There are a number of reasons why businesses are all moving the cloud. Whether your organization relies on mission-critical applications, has remote workers that need instant access to data, or simply cannot afford any downtime from weak server situations or lack of access, the benefits of cloud services are outstanding and could be exactly what your business needs to take the next step.

Is the quality of VoIP the same as traditional Phone Services?

The quality of VoIP services has been steadily improving through the years and is now just as great as traditional phone services with very low rates of dropped calls and issues, dependent upon the amount of bandwidth usage on the same line.

What's the difference between my phone lines and PRI?

The most significant difference between traditional phone lines and PRIs are the capacity for PRIs to carry up to 23 calls on a single digital connection, with higher quality, making it the ideal cost-effective solution for businesses that are dependent upon phone services. Find out more about our ISDN PRIs and traditional phone services.


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