White Papers

We are not sure if annoys you, but it certainly is an irriatant to us to have to provide personal information to get access to information that some websites say is free.  Avega offers a series of Industry White Papers which we have collected  that are relevant to Small and Midsized businesses.

Please feel free to review our selection and download what ever peaks your interest..no strings attached.  If however you do wish to talk to someone for more information, simply send us a quick email on your  topic of interest.  enquiries@avega.ca


 Identifying and Thwarting Malicious Intrusions

How to set up POP Email in Microsoft Outlook 2002-2003

General Guide to hooking up your DSL Modem

How to create a Website

McAfee SaaS Web 2.0 White paper

10 Strategies to Optimize IT Spending in a downturn Economy

Cloud computing Primer