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Experience in helping businesses like yours

Your organization is looking to improve your connectivity or to move business applications to the cloud.  In selecting who is best to help, working with someone who understands your industry is important. 

At Avega we have helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes. With our customer-focused approach we have developed a deep understanding of industries served.  We speak your language and leverage our partners to bring the right solutions and resources to meet your needs. A few of the industries which we have served include…


Insurance and Financial Services

Customer relationships are paramount and client data security is critical. Ensuring clients can connect to the right resource or department quickly, using their preferred method of communications increases customer satisfaction levels and provides a competitive edge.  Systems that make it simple for revenue producers to update an integrated CRM system or manage files help drive more revenue.   Detailed reporting on time spent on client calls aid in staff resource planning and in managing operating costs.



Increased work loads and changing regulatory requirements are putting greater strain on thinly stretched legal teams.  To deal with this, legal firms have been aggressively embracing technology to manage end-to-end workflow, time management and case file management.  Keeping lawyers connected to support staff, regardless of location, increases operating efficiencies and ensures billable time is accurately captured. Data security is always top of mind, as is data sovereignty for Canadian law firms.


Not-for Profit

You are focused on your mission, not your technology. You need solutions that leverage your resources to stay connected and serve members as well as generating donor contributions.  Budget constraints are real.  Technology solutions that enable you to meet your core mission commitments and help lower operational expenses are critical.


Professional Services

Being on the move is now a normal state for today’s professional.  Solutions that enable mobility and Keep revenue producers and client managers available to clients regardless of being remote helps drive revenue. Seamless Collaboration and meetings with customers, partners and internal teams help creative innovative client solutions. Task management tools and integration with other cloud-based time management solutions helps ensure deadlines are met.




Hospitality and Travel

Whether your businesses provides travel or lodgings, providing customers with top-quality  experiences and responsive service remains at the forefront of hospitality.  You require unified communication systems that offer integration with key business applications, allow the wide demographics of consumers to engage with you using the communication or social media platform of choice. In busy hotel environments a communications system needs to integrate with hospitality applications so that staff can focus on being productive and managing guest experiences. By leveraging cloud technology strategically hospitality business can reduce operating costs, easily implement a consistent feature set across multiple properties or offices.


Manufacturing and Logistics

Reliable communications and systems, including fleet IoT solutions, are critical to ensure products and services are delivered to customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Connecting and keeping important data securely flowing between multi-site offices and warehouse operations make certain operations run smoothly.  Ensuring customer calls or requests easily reach the right department, such as sales or service, will raise the customer service experience, revenues and keep you one step ahead of the competition.






And many more...

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