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Remote work is no longer a "nice to have" it is now a "must have"

Avega provides all the tools needed to make it easy by matching your unique needs to it's matrix of curated brand name service providers, ensures that you are provided with solutions that best fits your business.


Remote Worker

Today's environment has forced organizations to deal with unavoidable remote working challenges. Companies need to consistently support customers and teammates with  secure, business-grade, communication and collaboration services to communicate effectively, share data and simplify while keeping budgets in check.

Make sure your business is ready for anything.

Video Meetings

Secure Business-grade video conferencing meetings and webinars with real-time content Sharing and Chat


The productivity clouds that provides your favorite Office application in one place – Ask about our free migration services.

Customer Relationship Management

Web based customer and pipeline management tools that enhance customer support and drive sales results.

Cloud Phone

Standardize your remote team with an all-in-one business phone solution that unifies voice, video and messaging communication.


Field Worker

Now- more than ever - ensuring that your field workers are working effectively on while on the road is critical. Making sure your customers are consistently and safely supported is non-negotiable.

Make sure your business is ready for anything.

Vehicle Tracking

Track and monitor vehicles and assets while making sure you're always aware of conditions that may impact them.


Enable field workers to complete and submit digital forms to head office in real-time.

Employee Protection

Solutions built to ensure employee safety for hazardous work environments and in dealing with COVID-19.


Providing high quality voice, data and device packages on Canada's leading networks.

Do you have the bandwidth you need?

We can help with that too.

Improve your accessibility with increased bandwidth for remote workers to connect to corporate IT resources. With employees working from their home office, limited Internet bandwidth and bottlenecks can dramatically impact productivity and worker satisfaction.

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Avega provides leading technology, expertise and personalized client support. 

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