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Data Connectivity

Having reliable internet and network solutions is critical to any business, and we understand that you need both simplicity, as well as savings. Avega is a leading Allstream Alliance Platinum Partner, meaning that we can offer your business the most reliable internet solutions through the largest coast-to-coast provider. We are your advocates through this process and our customer service is second to none; let us take care of the big guys for you and get you set up with everything you need. No matter your bandwidth requirements or budget, we have you covered. Using our extensive network of partners our data solutions allow you to keep your data moving quickly, securely, and reliably, with our focus on helping you enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Whether it's ADSL, T1, Switched Ethernet, Fiber, MPLS, or WaveLength, Avega alongside Allstream has you covered. We make it simple and seamless, with a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution.

Not sure what you need? Just reach out and take advantage of our knowledgeable and experienced advisors at no cost!

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