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Leveraging the services available in the cloud could be exactly what your business needs to take the next step. With the business technology industry evolving at a rapid pace, moving to the cloud is essential. Our cloud solutions are scalable to meet your requirements, so you can be sure that you're getting exactly what you need.


Moving your business to the cloud can increase your business efficiency and smoothen out your daily operations, as well as save you the need of buying expensive hardware and equipment that gets quickly dated. Having access to tools, files, and applications no matter your location can provide the mobility that can be crucial to moving forward as a business.


Whether your business would rather let somebody else take care of the IT and save money or doesn't have the technical resources for for ongoing support, Avega can guide the way.  


Avega's strategic partnerships with industry leaders can ensure that you have the right solutions in place as soon as you need them.

What it is

Avega's cloud computing solutions allow your business to take advantage of the cloud by storing, managing, and processing your data securely in Canadian data centres and allowing you fast and reliable access to it over the Internet. Boost your business' productivity and efficiency, and save money, by moving your operations from your own location to hosted servers.


How it Works

Avega makes moving your operations to the cloud simple. Our approach is based on flexibility and scalability. Consider your applications, bandwidth and platform requirements. If you aren't sure exactly what you need give us a call and one of our dedicated experts will be glad to guide the way!


- Flexibility and scalability, adjust to your business' requirements

- Save money without the need to spend on hardware and on-premise servers

- Stay secure with protected data in the cloud

- Mobility that keeps your business running on the go

- Ensure business continuity


Cloud Computing

What it is

Microsoft Office 365 helps move your business to the cloud with enterprise-grade email and office productivity applications on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis. Office 365 comes loaded with hosted services including Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint, and Office Web applications, as well as the newest desktop Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel. Access, Etc.)


How it Works

Office 365 is subscription-based, scalable and flexible to your business so it can be catered to meet your exact needs, and stores data in Canadian Data Centres. If you need an enterprise-grade solution, Avega and our partners have you covered; if you only need a couple users with specific applications, we'd love to help guide the way as well.


- Flexibility with no contract terms

- Mix & match user profiles

- Synchronize Outlook between all your devices

- Secure web access to all of your business' valued documents & files

- Secure instant messaging, video, and audio conferencing

- Free migration support

- 24/7 technical support


Office 365

What it is

We come from a strong background in sales and understand the process. We combine this knowledge and experience with our solutions to find what's right for your business. Our solutions can integrate seamlessly with your on-premise or hosted phone system, to track customer insights and data that you can leverage to your benefit.


How it Works

Our solutions connect telephony systems and CRM software, and automatically record customer calls to track and store customer insights and information, as well as sales force performance, on a subscription-based model without the need for expensive software development or applications.


- Monitor and collect customer information with fast and easy access to the most relevant customer data

- Understand your customers' wants and needs and improve your customer satisfaction 

- Gain insights on your sales force behaviour and areas of improvement


Sales Performance

What it is

JoinMyMeeting is Avega's exclusive collaboration platform; providing audio, web, and video conferencing.


How it Works

JoinMyMeeting allows you to hold meetings with the highest quality video and audio resources, share files instantly, and enhance your productivity. 


- Increase collaboration and decrease decision-making time

- Lose the cost and hassle of unnecessary travel

- Risk free trial!

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