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Simple Tech: What is SD-WAN? It's the Bright Future!

Software-defined wide area networking sounds more complicated than it really is. SD-WAN solutions are an emerging technology that have only been commercially available for a few years, but are highly regarded as game-changing solutions for networking needs. In 2017, firm Gartner, stated that SD-WAN technology had less than 5% but predicted that up to 25% of users will be using the technology by the end of next year.

SD-WAN allows software-defined networking to be enabled over multiple types of Wide area network (WAN) connections. If you’re not familiar with WAN connections—they connect data networks over wide geographic distances, often used by organizations in connecting networks between branches, data centers, and more across towns, cities, provinces, states, and even countries. Using a WAN, branches of the same organization are able to connect to a head office , for example. SD-WAN differs in that it doesn’t require the use of expensive proprietary hardware, rather, it focuses on using the “cloud” as a network.

Major Carriers and Service providers, seeing the increase adoption of this disruptive technology, have rolled out SD-WAN as a Service as a replacement to traditional WAN networks and to enhance the performance of single site internet accesses. SD-WAN is being used today as a more flexible, scalable, and inexpensive, option to traditional WAN networks such as MPLS or Switched ethernet as it can leverage less expensive broadband internet connections. There are also security benefits including VPN (virtual private networking) to using SD-WAN solutions as opposed to on-site hardware.

There’s good reason that most organizations are transitioning to SD-WAN and it’s forecasted to become an $8 billion industry by 2021 according to IDC! We recommend that all organizations that have a need for this connectivity consider taking a look at this option as part of a total solution.

Whether you’re a startup, an established business, or an enterprise, the benefits are there. It’s simple, it’s secure, it’s cost-effective, it’s a business-class solution that offers WAN connectivity with the added benefits of the cloud. It’s rapidly becoming the largest staple in UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), with the largest players in Telecom and business technology solutions all jumping on board.

If you want to learn more about SD-WAN and how it could help your business, feel free to send us a message or email at, we’re always willing to chat!

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