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  • Caroline Palacios

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Microsoft 365

Whether you may be debating if transitioning to a cloud-based system is the right decision for your business, nearly 90% of businesses have already made the transition into cloud-based services. One of the most popular cloud solutions has been Microsoft’s Office 365. The newest Microsoft 365 cloud solution builds on Office 365 by including Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Times are changing and it may be time to ask yourself if your business is currently on track with competitors who are transitioning into the new era of connectivity. Here is a quick list to why transitioning to a cloud-based service as Microsoft 365 can allow for productivity and growth for your business:

1. Familiarity

If you are have ever been exposed to Microsoft Exchange or any of Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, then transitioning to the Microsoft 365 can be seamless. The cloud-based versions of these applications are no different from premised based software, allowing adoption by users to be automatic. When you’re familiar with products, you’ll never forget the basic fundamentals and Microsoft 365 focuses on users being able to easily adapt their software into their business.

2. Collaborate Easier - Anytime

Collaborating as a team is a big part of any successful business. Ensuring that your team is connected and communicating, anywhere, anytime, gives your business a competitive edge. It also ensures that employee productivity remains at peak levels. Long gone are the days of saving information on USBs with the included OneDrive service, remote or travelling users are able to access and work on shared files via the cloud. As long as your employees have access to the internet, Microsoft 365 allows everyone to work as if they are sitting together in a common office.

3. Security

The ongoing misconception with cloud-based services is that they are not secure enough for businesses to store their most valuable asset, data. Microsoft 365 offers top of the line security features that give business owners and IT leaders peace of mind that their data is kept safe. If a remote workers’ smart device goes missing, Microsoft 365 can instantly wipe the phone clean of any company information. Microsoft 365 has a team deliberately working around the clock 24/7 monitoring services making sure that activity stays true to your business. Enterprise-level security features are made available to businesses of any size at an affordable monthly cost.

4. Automatic Updates

Keeping remote worker’s computers and devices up to date with current software and patches has historically been a costly and logistical hassle. With Microsoft 365 being a cloud-based service it allows you to always have access to the software updates automatically at no additional cost to your business.

5. Affordable

Microsoft 365 is offered in several different packages that are tailored to meet the functionality and budget needs of any sized business. It is perfect for a growing business. Microsoft 365 is provided on a per-user basis, so it easily scales with your business as you add employees. With simple implementation, including automatic updates and on the clock support, having a costly 'IT department' can be minimized.


If you are looking for more information on Microsoft 365 and would like to discuss further in detail please contact one of our Business Development Managers:

Telephone: 905.828.7886


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