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  • Caroline Palacios

Voice-Assisted Technology is Migrating Into The Work Force

There is no denying the effect that internet culture has had on society and how it

has been able to enhance the human experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to merge with everyday devices that are used regularly which allows for technology to assist and simplify our lives. Nearly 60.5 million people are currently already incorporating voice technology into their everyday lives, specifically with devices like the popular Amazon Alexa. With voice-assisted technology already being highly accepted and incorporated by consumers in their everyday lives it was only a matter of time before it would make its presence known in the corporate environment.

Cloud-based services such as Unified Communication (UCaaS) are quickly becoming a corporate norm with all the benefits and versatility, allowing a business to function at its best. The services have gained popularity towards businesses because they allow for a team to collaborate easily on a secure platform at an affordable price. With voice-assisted technology in the corporate environment, it can allow for even more productivity that can lead to business growth with just the sound of an employees voice.

By having cloud-based services like UCaaS already part of your team, incorporating voice-assisted technology can be seamless. Simply asking a question, setting a reminder, booking a meeting or checking voicemails can allow for multi-tasking to be done like never before. Voice-assisted technology being connected to a business office allows for your team to always stay connected through communicating at its simplest form, through speech. If a product that was being used in the office was to go down the artificial intelligence (AI) in the voice technology device can easily detect the unusual activity and report it to the IT department. Cloud-based services working alongside voice-assisted technology is quickly becoming the next must-have in corporate offices that can help any team collaborate easier and more effectively.


If you are looking for more information on cloud-based services like UCaaS that can be connected with voice-assisted technology devices or would like to discuss further in detail please contact one of our Business Development Managers:

Telephone: 905.828.7886


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