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Are you tied up by your current voice provider and high prices? Break free!

Replace your PRI for $199

$8 trunks

$0.15 DID

$199 PRI

+100% uptime

Allstream's super SIP to the rescue, saving upto 60%!

Limited time offer, only from Allstream — your business-only Tier 1 SIP carrier.
Additional conditions apply.
$0.15 DID offer applies to
new retail customers only.

Super pricing so enticing, it can't be beat!

Keep your existing phones and system OR replace your phones and migrate to cloud. The choice is yours, and we’ll ensure you have a seamless installation followed by 100% uptime guaranteed.

Beat that, evil villains! Super SIP is here.

Tech Details

Tech Details
Your super partner

Your super partner

Seriously super.

Few carriers have this scale:

250,000 channels.

500,000 numbers.

Allstream is a leader in business communications, working with

customers across North America.

It has been at the leading edge of communication technology for over 171 years.

We’re trusted by governments and some of North America’s largest businesses to deliver mission-critical connectivity. We bring this knowledge and capability to businesses of all sizes.

Our local, certified technicians deliver responsive, personalized care.


Allstream connects multiple locations across North America with best-in-class connectivity, managed IT, and voice and collaboration solutions. We are the single provider of choice our customers depend on for scalable and flexible business communication solutions.

50,000+ Customers

Across the U.S. and Canada. We connect voice calls with superior quality.

100% Business focused

Our sole focus is your business needs.

100% Uptime

Guaranteed. Our team of super experts will keep you protected, every day.

Changing is easy.

You can keep your existing numbers and can even continue to use your legacy phone system. Allstream will manage your upgrade and you’ll experience no interruption in function or service.

You’ll save the day, and start saving the right away.

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