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  • Daniel Ribau

The Modern Day Mobile Workforce

Remote employees have recently become somewhat of a staple for many businesses across a number of industries, especially in roles with a focus on sales or anything digital. While businesses are able to cut overhead costs by doing this, a number of productivity implications arise, specifically, communication and collaboration. It isn’t a stretch to say that many people would prefer to work from home or outside the office, and doing so can bring on a ton of benefits, but business owners need to make sure these employees are being properly managed. Out of sight does not mean out of mind when it comes to business. Actually, after a number of years, a few enterprise organizations (namely, IBM) are recalling their employees into the office for reasons that include productivity. Fortunately, when you have less than 380, 000 employees, they’re easier to manage, and there are solutions to help.

A mobile work force needs mobile technology to be successful. Having access to the right tools through the cloud is critical. Managing a remote team doesn’t need to be hard, especially now with all the integration available through cloud-based technology. Tools like hosted phone solutions allow your employees to stay connected to your office, even when they’re outside of it. Calls can be directed to mobile devices, and integrations make them trackable and reportable. Similarly, integrations with team collaboration software make it so remote employees have the capability of accessing any documents or applications on the go, and share, report, and communicate with other employees with ease. Team collaboration software is a pinnacle for the mobile work force, and there are even Hosted Phone solutions that integrate seamlessly and offer their own platforms. There are plenty of options for this like Asana, Slack, and Igloo, but there’s a reason Avega recommends Glip. We use it ourselves every day, and with mobile and personal computer apps, we’re always connected.

Glip is a RingCentral service, which integrates with a number of other business technology solutions that help sales and digital teams. You can see if your employees are online and connected, you can communicate with them at all times, and its’ scalability allows you to grow or shrink your team with ease. Businesses with remote workers tend to be happier, more cost-effective, more efficient, and when managed properly, more productive. The mobile work force and remote work can be scary to approach from the perspective of a business owner, but it doesn’t need to be, you just need to be prepared with the right infrastructure in place.

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