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Top 4 Benefits to SD-WAN

1. SD-WAN provides enterprise-grade performance for your mission-critical applications

SD-WAN allows you to select preferred traffic for increased priority to your business’ connections, meaning the software and applications that you and your employees depend on the most get priority and improved performance, speed, and accessibility. This means that you can prioritize bandwidth sensitive applications such as your VoIP (voice over internet protocol) system, never drop a call again! SD-WAN also monitors your networks, and directly routes traffic to your strongest condition, ensuring you have the best performing connection possible at any given time.

2. SD-WAN prepares your network for cloud migration

With more and more applications moving to the cloud, getting ahead of the curve with SD-WAN will ensure that your business is prepared for any migrations. With improved performance and security with cloud-based software and applications, it only makes sense that many of your business’ solutions are taking the leap forward—you don’t want to be caught behind and unprepared for the migration.

3. SD-WAN grants you security and guaranteed uptime

From the built-in firewalls in your SD-WAN hardware, to seamless failover between network connections, SD-WAN grants your business the ability to continue to operate without any unexpected downtime. Imagine a day without dropped calls on your VoIP system, or video conferencing that doesn’t stall and freeze, SD-WAN can provide this for your business by automatically moving failed links to available network connections—we don’t need to say how valuable this is to your customers and partners.

4. SD-WAN is COST-EFFECTIVE and can save your business money!

Implementing a managed SD-WAN network over a standard MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) network can lower operational expenses by directing traffic through more affordable internet broadband connections, and keeping your mission-critical applications routed to your strongest network connections. More over SD-WAN will allow you to aggregate multiple, less expensive and diverse broadband services vs. costly Fibre solution to get the bandwidth performance you require.

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