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  • Daniel Ribau

Simple Tech: Improve Your Sales With StataPile

A variety of A.I. (artificial intelligence) platforms are available to assist in improving your business’ salesforce. “But robots are taking all the jobs!” says the baby boomer (I’m not disagreeing with you!). Actually, this isn’t the automation that you see when you walk into a McDonalds. Software like StataPile exists to supplement and enhance the work that your salesforce puts in, not replace your valuable professionals. When it comes to the bread and butter of your business, you want to maximize your returns and ensure that your salesforce is efficient. StataPile does just that with call monitoring and insights on employee’s behaviour, granting you the opportunity to identify areas of improvement and pinpoint exactly where and at what point during the call your sale went south (or north!). It integrates seamlessly with your VoIP or hosted phone system (perfectly with RingCentral), and provides real-time analytics that you and your staff will find critical. It also integrates with your CRM software, to track and classify your interaction by the type of call, eliminating the work and time your employees need to spend inputting this information.

My personal favourite feature (rooted from a passion in marketing) is StataPile’s ability to A/B test. It essentially has the capacity to track which specific phrasing is more effective in converting calls into clients, ultimately increasing your close rate once determined. The software tracks which call phrasing you’ve used and the outcome of the call, making it a valuable addition to the marketing and communications stack of any sales-driven organization.


Whenever I have the opportunity to recommend a software or program that can really improve the workflow of a business, I tend to gravitate towards this; Simply because it can do so much for multiple departments in a variety of industries—for such a low cost. We’ve had everything from tech, finance, advertising and marketing agencies, insurance, to even retail take advantage of what StataPile’s artificial intelligence has to offer, because it doesn’t just improve the quality of a sales pitch and assist sales-based organizations, but it can really improve every telecom interaction you have through your hosted phone system, whether you’re placing an outbound sales call or answering an inbound inquiry.

Your staff is valuable—they’re putting in the work and interacting with your customers—keeping them happy and granting them the tools they need to succeed translates into the profit that executives and business owners desire. Happy and knowledgeable employees create happy customers, and happy customers lead to a successful, thriving and lasting company, everyone in the business world knows this. Automation makes the life of your employees easier and alleviates many of the stresses and time-consuming tasks that decrease the productivity and efficiency of your staff, and StataPile leads the charge in this artificial intelligence category for your hosted phone and CRM integrations.

If you want to learn more about StataPile and artificial intelligence or automation software, hosted phone such as RingCentral, or CRM software, feel free to send us a message or ask us a question at, we’re always willing to chat!

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