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Elevate Your Sales With Cloud-Based Hosted Phone

When your business relies on the success of your sales team it’s crucial to give them the tools that they need to succeed; Especially when it comes to outside sales, when it’s a challenge to track and monitor productiveness and efficiency, and provide the assistance that they may need. All of our sales partners have agreed, Cloud-Based Hosted Phone is a tool that’s been critical in supporting their team and increasing effectiveness, here’s how:

Provide your sales team the mobility they need.

  • Grant the ability to integrate their office phone with their mobile phone

  • Reroute calls directly from their desk to their mobile phone

  • Never miss a call, deliver fast response and keep your clients happy with great service

  • Easily integrate CRM software, and maintain access even on the road

  • Access to instant messaging, web & video conferencing, giving your sales team the capability to collaborate anytime and anywhere, with ease

  • Integration with popular cloud storage platforms including Dropbox, allowing reps to have the files and information they need at their fingertips

Hosted Phone improves your businesses reliability and efficiency.

  • Phone integration and assigning DID’s means your clients only need one phone number!

  • No need to distribute your team’s personal cell phone numbers

  • Reassign existing numbers, meaning your clients stay connected even if a rep leaves

Cut costs on your Telecom and increase your budget for other areas.

  • Eliminate roaming charges while travelling by using soft-phone and smartphone applications

  • Have all the features included in a traditional phone system, without the extra cost; Including call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, auto attendant, and more

  • Less expensive than traditional phone systems, with added features

  • Scalability, giving you the freedom to add or drop users instantly, and only pay for the number of active users

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