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  • Caroline Palacios

CRM Software Can Impact Your Business

“It’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than acquire a new one” is a common saying that is heard in the corporate world. Recent stats show that a customer is more than 50% likely to never do business with a company again after only one negative interaction. The impact of negative client experience is magnified in the digital era where it can be easily shared online. In the USA alone, companies lose approximately an average of $62 billion dollars annually because of poor customer service.

Incorporating a cloud-based CRM solution like PipeDrive into your business can help exceed customer relations because it was designed to help businesses elevate and enhance their interactions with clients. Not only was it designed with the customer in mind but the user-friendly platform also allows for easy navigation.

Here are some of PipeDrive’s benefits:

  • Every email, note, activity, meeting or phone call can be logged into PipeDrive which can help with building a new or current relationship.

  • Even the little details in conversations can be tracked and allow for each interaction with a customer to be more personalized to their interests and past experiences.

  • Sales reps will be able to track and manage each customer’s unique buying cycle; staying on top of their needs and knowing exactly when to be proactive with each sale or future opportunity.

  • PipeDrive also enhances team collaboration by allowing each team member, regardless of where they are located, to have access to all client data and history. If an employee were to be on holiday, any team member can seamlessly handle any client inquiry.

Customers are the bread and butter of any successful organization. Maintaining a strong relationship with clients is essential - and PipeDrive can help!


If you are looking for more information on our cloud-based CRM and how it can help your business, one of our Business Development Managers will be happy to assist:

Telephone: 905.828.7886

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