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Optimize your voice and data network to work with the latest in unified communication and collaboration technology


SIP Trunking consolidates your voice and data network securely and efficiently into a single advanced IP network.

It reduces the complexity of your network, while making it more flexible. Connect Allstream’s SIP Trunking solution directly to your phone system or legacy PBX to enable advanced unified communication and collaboration solutions on your network.

Key Benefits

Built-in Resiliency

Maintain network service quality and performance during disruptions with built-in failover and re-routing options. Reliability is important for businesses that depend on high quality voice connections.

Cross-border SIP

One provider who can support both your US & Canada locations.

100% Uptime

Allstream stands behind our service: 100% uptime. Guaranteed.

Improve Productivity

Drive performance and productivity with flexible business-grade solutions that offer more efficient communication experiences. Add voice capacity and quickly deploy to new locations when needed.

Enhance ROI

Accelerate the payback from your investments by leveraging the significant bandwidth of your data networks to run voice as well, while still maintaining voice prioritization. Businesses with many offices can benefit by centralizing voice connections to any one or two data center locations, helping reduce costs.

Break Free of Capacity Limitations

Simplify your networks by only deploying trunks for the capacity you need, in whatever numbers you need.

Maintain Business Continuity

Keep your business operational through an outage with SIP pooling tools that automatically shares SIP sessions between all call locations.

How could SIP Trunking be set up for my business?

Why Choose Allstream?

Our partner, Allstream has unparalleled expertise and experience in SIP Trunking. We were the first service provider to offer SIP Trunking nationally in Canada and have been providing the service for over 10 years in the United States. Backed by industry-leading technology, certified partnerships and highly trained and certified experts, Allstream is prepared to design a SIP Trunking solution that matches your business needs today, and in the future.

Key Features


Intelligent Trunk Pooling

Pool call capacity across all business sites to optimize trunk utilization, saving you money and optimizing call management during peak periods.


Virtual Presence

Assign local DIDs to your business for wherever you do business in North America. Let customers call you locally, even if your business is located elsewhere.


Advanced Failover Protection

Eliminate the risk of single points of failure, ensure high availability and gain immediate failover protection with our industry-leading Active-Active SIP Trunking configuration.


Complete Set of Calling Features

Includes regulatory-compliant 911, call blocking, optional encrypted SIP, toll free numbers and more.


Local Number Portability

Seamlessly port any phone numbers with ease across the US and Canada along with flexible time of day porting.

We make it easy!

Getting started with SIP Trunking is simple. We’ll ask you a few introductory questions, then get right to the options and pricing we think would work best for you.

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